Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Les It Girl

I spent the summer after college in Europe, touring through a dozen countries and countless cities, starting in London and ending in the Greek Islands. Although I embraced the culture, cuisine, and citizens of each destination, none stole my heart like Paris. I was in the city as summer was fully blooming, Roland Garros was taking place (won by Federer and Kuznetsova for my fellow tennis fiends), and seeing the glittering Eiffel Tower at dusk as we drank bottles of red wine along the banks of the Seine captured me forever.

It was by chance that a few months later when I moved to Manhattan that I met Garance Doré, one my favorite bloggers, photographers, and illustrators. I was at Bergdorf's for fellow fashion blogger Scott Schuman's book release party when I saw her. Elegantly charismatic, I was curious to know who the woman next to Scott was. His wife? Friend? Publicist (and my next thought was how could I that be me)? Turns out, she is the female French version of our beloved Sartorialist.

Effortlessly chic, Garance stole the show in my eyes. I spoke with her about her beautiful photographs and cool illustrations that had been captivating me online for some time by that point. She had started with street photography, but now has graduated to the likes of French Vogue and earlier this year shooting Club Monaco's Fall 2010 campaign.

I read her posts as she updates, about a few times a week. I suppose I should note that read is a loose term, as I don't translate the pages into English. Garance's art speaks for itself, and I allow myself to get lost in the beauty of the French language.

And perhaps my favorite French phrase thus far: La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin.