Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aesthetically Pleasing

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend the day at The Manhattan House with interior designer James "Ford" Huniford.

Having recently redesigned a 3,300-square foot apartment in this modernist iconic New York City building, Ford fused the tranquility of a modern, clean space with classic lines to the industrial nature of his furniture creations.

From the chair with fabric woven from horse hair and the tree bark hand-placed wallpaper to the white-washed picnic kitchen table and the wine barrel head hoops artfully arranged in the living room, it created a stunning calm within the storm. Even better, Ford designed and created ninety percent of the furnishings in the nine-room apartment.

His passion for explaining the craftsmanship and eye for challenging the traditionalist viewpoint fueled my interest in learning more about him.

A few of my favorites from his past work:

"Interiors should be tailored to how people live," says Ford. "Rooms should flow from one area to another and not have themes. Most importantly, they should reflect the spirit and soul of the people who inhabit them."

Beautifully said.

Learn more about James Huniford at

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