Monday, December 20, 2010

Post Script

I'd like to make an addendum to my previous posting regarding the respect needed for the eight million other people living in New York City to make a life here work. I still agree with the sentiment, but also thing you must care deeply about someone else: yourself.

"Those who master others are strong;
Those who master themselves have true power."

Lao-Tsu was a genius. The intrinsic motivation needed to survive in this environment is not commended often-enough, as groping through the urban jungle can be one of the most disparaging tasks of every day life.

If you think too much about how you live daily, you'll never make it out alive. It's a combination of drive, determination, and discipline that makes the days work. Driven to succeed, determined to succeed, disciplined to succeed. Can you tell that my word for New York is success?

Taking the utmost care of yourself through each course of action in life directly correlates with the personal achievements. Many of these are little victories, but some day all of the small feats are going to add up to one very large W.

And I personally cannot wait.

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